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This site is all about photography.  The mixture of art, mathematics, science and perspective. Most of the images you can find on this site can be purchased in print form via my online store. If you are looking for professional photographic services, I may be able to help. I can for a fee, provide professional level photographic services for a variety of genres. My skill sets are oriented towards commercial landscape & event & Time lapse photography.

Moments after the storm.

So just about an hour ago a rather nice storm system rolled through my area.  Before the storm was done the sun was shining under the system from the west.  So we jumped in the car and went west to meet the trailing edge of the system.  (hopefully on our terms)  What...

Engelmann’s Daisy

Yep its the end of July and I’m focused on really perfecting my artwork in the realm of Time Lapse photography.  But I do still stop to take photos on a regular basis as they present themselves to me.   I found this bright eye along the way to work one...

Vibrant Red Color

So every photographer goes through phases.   These phases are generally influenced by life around us (or the absence of).  In my case I happen to live on a 1/2 acre lot with a fenced in backyard.   And for the past few years I have had these Chinese lilies growing in...


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