The Infantryman (Iron Mike)

Some Views

Some views are meant to seen once and remembered forever.   But what if that view could be captured and printed.  That is what landscape photography is all about.  I’ve spent years collecting images of places I’ve visited and a large portion of those images are in my store.  But what about that place you like.  Maybe there is this special area that has a real important meaning for you.  Contact me and lets talk about it.  I may be able to offer you a solution that is exactly what you are looking for.

Standard Hourly Rate
By The Hour
Standard hourly rates for non aerial photographic services.
Portrait Photography
Per Session
Couples, Family, Engagement session with digital delivery of final products
Real Estate Photography
Per Session
Full interior and exterior property photography of a property for a real estate listing. No set photo count, flexible licencing options available.
Time Lapse Video
By The Job
addon rate available
A collection of images taken over hours to make a short length video of a project or location over time
Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate.  The customer isn’t ready, the property isn’t ready, equipment failures, or you just don’t like the photographs.  When these things happen the term “re-shoot” comes into play.  When it’s time for a re-shoot I generally don’t charge re-shoot fees.  It’s a safety net that catches both the photographer and the customer when things fall down.  If you think you need a re-shoot then talk to me and lets sort out the details.