So this page is all about current Deals, Specials and Coupons.  And lets start off by being honest about bout what deals, specials and coupons are all about.  These types of offerings are all simply ways to get you the consumer more interested in my products and services.  See something you like let me know.   Have an idea you would like to see as an offering let me know!

3 locations, 30 min, 30% off

This is real simple,  3 Locations, each within 30 min of the next, request any mix of billable service @ at all 3 and get 30% off the entire billing for those 3 services.  Mix and match services, packages or even hourly rates.  You need 3 real estate shoots, no problem.   Mix and match, interior, exterior, aerial, a re-shoot because of a repainted room.  As long as the shoots are all on the same day, one after another and each location is a 30 min drive or less from the last then the deal is good. Need some product photos for new inventory no problem.   Your agency needs some aerial footage of a grand opening, I have you covered.

Lets put it another way.   If you ordered 3 different shoots on different days and the bill looked like this.   #1 @ $100, #2 at $75, #3 at $200 and then you end up with a bill of $375.    Take 30 % off of that bill because you went with the plan and your bill is now $262.  You save some coin and I save some time and mileage because we stuck to the deal.  Its a win win situation for everybody.


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