So for quite some time I’ve had my eye on this lil patch of rough back country hidden just south east of Lock Haven PA.  It’s technically land owned by the Borough of McElhatten for use as their water supply. But they do allow hiking on the property.   There is a creek that runs from the southern end of the tract to the northern end of the tract and this creek connects two reservoirs.  McElhatten and Keller Reservoir.  After some work I managed to find myself a hiking buddy to go on this trek with me.   The Trip covered 8.7 miles and took us over 6 hours. Over 1/2 of the trip was in a deep Gorge with 3 story high walls and no trail.  The moss in places was easily 2 inches thick and everything looks as if it has been left alone for many years. These are the trips I live for.  The country that nobody sees anymore.  Photographs that need to be taken and shared so that their story can once again live.  I hope you enjoy project as much as I enjoyed creating it and collecting the images.