Welcome to the Isaac Golding Services Co.

This site is all about photography & technology based services.  The mixture of art, mathematics, science, technology and perspective. I provide professional level photographic & video services for a variety of genres and a wide range of Information Technology services. My skill sets are oriented towards real estate, commercial landscape & event & time lapse photography and video.  Technology services include consulting services, computer repair both hardware and operating systems and web site management.  My area of coverage is focused in Central PA in a 150 mile radius from Lewisburg.

House For Sale

Real Estate Photography is an established need for the real estate industry.  I bring the professional photographic skills, equipment and the artistic look that customers respond to.

Cherry Springs State Park

Cherry Springs

Time Lapse Photography takes time and patience and a particular set of skills.  But when it all comes together you end up with a great finished product for your audience.

Guard Duty II

Guard Duty II

Special Event Photography requires skill, experience and the ability to precisely present the customer’s needs. Lets talk about how I can bring your event’s photos to the next level.