So when you start exploring McIntyre Wild Area you need to know 2 things.

#1 The snakes are never in a good mood.

#2 It is a LONG way to the ER. Tread carefully.

The deal is that I was exploring a currently un-mapped section of the north most branch of Abbott Run, McIntyre Wild Area with Raymond Chippa.  Ray is the curator of the web site which is quite probably the most exhaustive collection of water fall information on the state of Pennsylvania.   And Ray has an open invitation to go on any of my excursions simply because he is a good guy.   The hike was roughly 10 miles with some exploration of some other terrain features in the area.  We covered all of the ground we wanted to travel and some that wasn’t planned.  Overall it was a good hike with no serious injuries and the discovery of a new set of waterfalls.  My McIntyre Project continues, Ray scores another nice location for his web site and a good time was had by all.