Back in 2004 I had a Kodak DX 6490 and a strong desire to take pictures.  I hadn’t quite quite matured yet as a photographer to the point where I could discern the real “gems” from just another picture.   My instincts were there but the skills were seriously lacking.   So most of my efforts would involve a bit of the basic skills I had been learning from the past couple years and a lot of “luck”.   This picture of two men fishing on the Toledo Bend spillway was one of those shots that was a case of me being at the right place, at the right time.    Tonight my goal was to find an old picture and try to work with the raw image and bring it up to where my standards and expectations are today in terms of my photographs.   I think I managed to do just that.

On a side note illness, and other forces beyond my control have kept me from really getting out there and working my craft as I had planned for this winter.   But I’m still at it.   There is always something going on even if it isn’t what I had planned.

This is a smaller image than my modern equipment produces but there is a print available for those that are interested.