The Barred Owl is a large typical owl native to North America. Best known as the Hoot Owl for its distinctive call, it goes by many other names, including Eight Hooter, Rain Owl, Wood Owl, and Striped Owl.

As seasons go, Spring is potentially the biggest season for me as a photographer.  Rivaled only by fall and it’s myriad of colors.  So when the weather changed from 30s and 40s to 70s and then 80s in 2 days time I wasted no time in getting “out there”.  Finding this particular owl while driving down a remote run in the area was an opportunity that I didn’t pass up.   We parked right in the middle of the road, blocking the whole street.  And much to my suprise this owl let me take over 40 pictures at ever closer distance before eventually leaping from its perch, dive bombing me and making it’s escape. This picture was taken at the largest size from my camera so if you really like it there are XL prints available in the store.  And all of the store funds go directly back into the gear fund…. Cameras are like 44 vehicles, you never stop spending.