So the thing about Ambre is that both her and her husband Chris are very much enamored because of each other.  Its the type of relationship that from the outside is a very solid relationship.  While we were on location at their photo session they had a specific set of pictures they wanted and I had some very specific goals that I thought would be attainable by them.  So as a photograph this one breaks some basic rules of photography here.  But what makes all of that not matter is the unfiltered expression of joy on Ambre’s face when she finally started ignoring me and lived in the moment.    I recently photographed the two of them all dressed up for their engagement photography session and I think it turned out great.  But for me, this one shot wins the prize because more than anything else this one image tells the most important story that can be told about these two.   They are in love.

To Chris and Ambre,  I have been waiting until I was able to publish this image on my site to let you know that I hope that you two make this last for the rest of your lives.  Moments like this one are what it is all about.  Never ever let go of them.  Congratulations on your marriage.