So often in life we find ourselves nothing more than blades of grass in the wind, moving with the currents.  Life seem to be almost gently nudging us in a direction that we should be going.  And this isn’t always the direction we want to go.  Sometimes…. sometimes it is the direction we want to go.  There are those that know me personally that will realize I’m talking about something on several levels.   But in order for me to get my thought out to those that dont know me I’m taking this thought to a simpler universal level.

So my point is that we spend so much of our lives at this operational level that we neglect to return to a more fundamental level of life.  Today I suddenly found my self in the fellowship of 4 friends.  We were in “The Wilds”.  Everybody was taken care of, everything was in it’s place. It was almost as if we were where we needed to be at that time.  This was a foundational moment in life for us.  I guess I could even say for myself that “Aslan is on the move”.

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