100 is real simple.   Its the amount that most real estate photography sessions cost.

I charge by the hour, not by the photo!  Many photographers charge package rates such as $120 for 25 photos of a house up to 3000 sq feet.  And the prices go up from there. Why?  I charge by the hour simply because it makes more sense for the customer.   You tell me what you want and I make it happen.  You want 20 images or 30 images and a video or two.  Lets go!   You have a house on 10 acres or a house + barn on 300 areas… no problem.

Lets take the basics a step further and talk about editing. On a really good day when the sun is just right and the clouds are perfect the images tend to roll off the camera and not need “anything”.  But those days are far and few between.   So we photographers tend to edit just about everything e take.   A bit of color, sharpen it up a bit. possibly even take some random piece of trash out of the front yard that just blew in during the shoot.  Right now that’s all part of the deal.  The images you get from me will pop.   I have a web site full of photographs and imagery dating back to 2000 that prove my very point.

Pick up the phone, give me a call and lets talk.  If you don’t like what I do you can walk away without spending a dime.