Cirrocumulus clouds form in patches and cannot cast shadows. They commonly appear in regular, rippling patterns or in rows of clouds with clear areas between.

When I took this image, I was in a bad mood.  A long day at work,  problems with cars, appliances and just the general stuff in life that we let get in the way of the important things.  My wife tells me there is a great sunset outside, and I knew it was coming because I had just driven home a lil bit earlier.  In spite of my mood I got up and looked outside and decided I needed to take a picture.   This was a color of Fall.  And I did take this neat picture of some Cirrocumulus clouds.  But then I got to thinking, everybody will see these clouds at some point or another.   They aren’t really all that specific to fall.   So I’m standing there looking around my block,

“What’s around that I can photograph?”

And so we end up here with this 100 % un-edited image (other than a border and my copyright) .  This image of some tree leaves, weathered and worn, days away from dropping to the ground.  You could say that when I took this picture I felt the same way.  And just like these leaves I too am holding on.  I too am taking in the light as long as it is there.   So I’m going to close out this photo with a question…. when was the last time you, feeling weathered and worn stopped to feel the light, and just hold on a bit longer because of it?