Macro photography (or photomacrography or macrography and sometimes macrophotography), invented by Fritz Goro, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size (though macrophotography technically refers to the art of making very large photographs).By some definitions, a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the negative or image sensor is life size or greater. However in other uses it refers to a finished photograph of a subject at greater than life size.

I love the photographic qualities of water.   I like them so much that water is one of my must photograph items whenever I find something new.  (as compared to other items I  “must” photograph whenever I find them). Throwing water and macro photography is a logical extension of this.   And while my macro capabilities are limited by the lenses I own I can still wing nut some neat pictures from time to time.   This one was taken with a hand held camera….


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