A candid photograph is a photograph that is captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.Thus, the candid character of a photo is regardless of the subject’s knowledge or consent as to the fact that photos are being taken, and regardless of the subject’s permission for subsequent usage such as distribution, but related to the apparent absence of posing. It is distinguished from making secret photography by the photographer usually remaining discernible to the public and not wearing cover.

As a photographer I have over time developed this habit seeing photographs “all the time”.  Throw in an ability to speed read and what sometimes happens is that a photograph is missed in the pile.  What I don’t want anybody to think is “Here comes the B Roll Footage”.  It happens a lot to me so I’ve integrated into my photo collection and storage habits a few stopping points along the way where I am forced to again look at every image from every folder that I have not placed into my archives.  Quite often I find these gems that for some reason I overlooked before.  Sometimes they are quite obvious flaws to an otherwise great photograph.  Other times It’s just some little thing like a telephone poll that just messes up the shot…  The original of this image was just plain out of focus and I worked with it for a while and eventually went down this path to make it pop like it should have when I saw the image unfolding (an I failed to get the focus right).  At the end of the day I am glad I go back and recheck everything because I think this is just a great candid photo and I hope you all enjoy it too.

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