Knowing that eventually you will win this fight.

There is a mildly interesting story behind this photo and it plays out basically like this.  I’m returning to the office in the middle of the day and I had to get my camera gear out of the Jeep.  (one of those rare days I get to actually drive it to work) and I notice this couple out raking leaves together off of the sidewalk of the Church.  At first I’m thinking this is futile, the trees all around are FULL of leaves.  And the moment they are done a strong wind will blow all the leaves back off the street and onto the sidewalk.   The important bit here is that the local govt has a leaf sucker truck that hits the streets daily in the fall to suck the leaves.  I talked to my wife about this later on and we came to the conclusion that these people aren’t in a futile struggle.  They are persevering.  Sure they wont win the fight today.   But they did fight.  They wont win the fight tomorrow.  But they will fight.   And in the end they will win.

Here is the kicker.   That photo was taken on the 3rd.  Today the gentleman from the picture was out there with a leaf blower and an angry look on his face……


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