Quehanna Wild Area is a very special place set aside in the state of Pennsylvania.  It is the first designated “Wild Area” in Pennsylvania and the largest @ 75 sq miles.

So next weekend I have a plan to get together with some of my friends for a nice “Sunday Drive” and part of that route is through Quehanna Wild Area.   I’ve been through the area a few times before but I was still a bit fuzzy on some of it’s back roads.  So a trip before the big trip was in order. 

The one thing I have learned about Quehanna Wild Area is that it is a very unique ares within PA.   It’s part of 2 very unique geological provinces.  The first is the Pittsburgh Low Plateau  and the second is the Deep Valleys Region of PA.  What this means in plain English is that he whole area doesn’t look the same.   Throw on top of all of that Man’s impact since the 1800s, and some natural disasters to include a tornado or two back in 85 and you have the makings of a truly unique area within PA.  This image (and hopefully many more to come in my store) came from the Wykoff Run Natural Area on the Eastern side.


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