One of the caveats of commercial photography is that often the pictures I take just don’t look right on my own personal photography site or on Facebook.  They look out of place or out of context.  Today’s project turned out to be something more along the lines of what I like to post here so I decided to share.   Elelholz Store is a customer of Aim Advertising and Aim is the company I do the majority of my IT work and photography for on a commercial basis.  For this job Elelholz wants some photographs of their cutting boards for an up coming trade show out west.  They contacted Aim and a couple days later here we are in this wonderful kitchen taking pictures of cutting boards.  The photo-shoot lasted roughly 2 hours and I’ll spend another two hours with my boss working on post production of the images so they are right for the medium they will eventually be presented on.  In this case the final products will be small size print work.  I always enjoy these shoots as no two projects are the same and every project challenges my skills and forces me to learn something new.