But wait! There’s more!  I’ve said it before photography is a passion for me. It’s this form of expression that can be shared without saying a word.  It’s this….this energy that I have that needs to be expressed.  When we were In Queens Run at this small 1900s reservoir I could feel this energy right there under the surface just waiting to be let loose.  But this is where it gets interesting.  I know from experience that when I just let go I miss the shots… I get too excited.  So here I am that this amazing location just 17 miles from home.  I never knew this place was there and these amazing views waiting to be captured and shared.  So I have to hold it in.  I have to keep myself in check and slow down. It’s almost like an IV drip of adrenalin. In the end when I have these moments I tend to hold on to them and when I return to the photo a day or so later I can bring back that same excitement when I take the raw image data and develop it into the final image.


I hope you enjoy this image as much as I liked capturing it.  Please feel free to share this on Facebook.

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