Queens Run is a small stream located just north of Lock Haven PA.  And as far as history goes there isn’t much of anything on the web that reveals itself for a quick search.  But what I do know is that a new friend of mine recently found this place on one of his local photo roams.  I saw the picture he took during my lunch break today and come hell or high water I was going out to that location this evening. 7 hours later I was standing on the low side of what appears to be a very old Reservoir with several drainage pipes that ran from under the bottom, out through the dam and down to people below.

It was after 7 when I took this shot.  A 30 second exposure with my camera a mere 2 feet away from these silky smooth falls.  The area around me was almost black from the lack of light penetrating through the forest canopy.  It never ceases to amaze me the gems hidden right around us when we slow down and take a moment to look.  As with other photo shoots I have more than one image from this location so for now.  This is all you get.  You will have to stay tuned for more!

And oh yes… this picture is definitely worth a print!