Estella PA is a suburb of Forksville PA.   Forksville has a population of 145 people at last census.  What’s interesting about Estella is that this building is not only still standing, it appears to still be in some use.  If you like to just get out and go for a leisurely drive in the country this is one of those places that time has apparently forgotten.  And from what I hear from the locals they seem to like it that way.   The area is really quiet.  I had the pleasure of taking care of a photoshoot project for a property owner in the area and the timing was perfect with the fall foliage in the area at its peak.  So if you are looking for land in the area I know somebody.   I’ll come back and update this post later with a link to the property for sale.  But for now all you get is a picture of this rustic looking garage.