Some 10 years ago I was brought into the world of UAVs (also known as UASs or Drones).  My job as a govt contractor was to teach units how to utilize UAV assets at their disposal.   We provided a very detailed, immersive simulation system that was integrated with a much larger training exercise.  In plain English I taught military units how to best use Hunter and Predator drones when they were provided to the unit.    I didn’t do this myself but I was part of the team.  And It was a very complicated system with lots of bits and pieces and I loved every min of the job.   Fast forward to 2017 and I’m in a different part of the country providing Computer related services to a completely different industry sector AND providing commercial photography services to many of those same customers.   After 2016 and the FAA’s sudden move to open the commercial aerial photography industry happened I decided that I needed to get my self back into this industry to realize a few of my long term goals and improve the spectrum of services I provide.

To that end i am a FAA Certified Commercial sUAS pilot as of September 2017 and I have been VERY busy putting together a portfolio of examples.  To that end I provide you with the following gallery of images to give you some examples of what I can do.