Lets face it.  It has been a long winter for those of us in the lower North Eastern USA.  It’s march 5th and we are still setting record low temperatures here in Pennsylvania.  I have always enjoyed winter overall but this year it’s just wearing on me.  As I was headed home from work (where everybody including me has been sick for a week) I was stuck in traffic behind a truck from Virginia that was driving 40 mph in a 55 mph zone.   Angry traffic kept passing him on the right and generally made a bad situation even worse.  It’s cold,  the car has issue that are getting worse.   I have many problems and its too cold to work on most of them.   Even the sun looks to be making a violent exit off to the west.
So once I was able to get away from the traffic on the major routes and get out into the country I pulled over at several locations I’ve mentally check-marked as good spots to capture some western sky activity.    As with everything else in our lives our mood influences our environment.  I don’t mean to say that my bad mood influenced the sunset.  But my bad mood did influence my interpretation of the sunset that was on display before me.
We can’t influence bad traffic any more than we can influence the weather but we do need to be aware of those influences reflecting inward and how it reflects onto those around us.