I was out in a local trail area called the Enduro Trail. Its part of the Kisatche National Forest area in Louisiana and its geared towards ATV usage. And this year the majority of the areas had gone through a controlled burn to “help” mother nature along. I’m not a big fan of controlled burns. Mother nature did just fine on her own before we came along to “help” out. Anyways getting off of my soap box the purpose of my trip was to get out of the house and take some landscape & HDR images as 2008 has been a slow year for me photographically speaking. Winter Mushrooms is the 1st HDR image I’ve processed out of the collection of photographs taken from that session and I’m loving it. The image seems to really stand out in its coloration without being surreal as so many images on the net seem to appear with the HDR technique applied to them nowadays. So yea, this is it. HDR applied realistically.