The thing about the weather is that we don’t control it.  We don’t do a great job of predicting it either.   83 and sunny was the forecast.  But what we got was low 70s, partly to mostly cloudy and a cold front less than 8 hours away which was causing the local atmosphere to move out in a hurry to the east.  A lot of low level clouds were moving through the mountains of central PA and the humidity was high.   We were moving towards home along Loyalsock creek and caught the sun hitting the creek just right.   So a quick turn around and launch of the aerial (drone) camera gave me a collection of images to work with.   Instead of fighting with the conditions I decided to embrace them and the result is the sun literally streaming through the trees as the fog held its place on site.

Some of the best images are the ones I didn’t plan on.   They are the images I didn’t see coming and that surprise find often lead to unexpected gems.

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